Paddler Fundraising Ideas

Using your Festival-provided page, writing letters, and holding events are proven, successful ways to raise funds.

In planning your team’s and your personal fund raising activities, remember the following tips:

• Set a fundraising goal with the team, and use newsletters and your web page to spread the word to your group. We strongly encourage everyone to raise as much for the Regional Food Bank as they can, but are asking each individual to set a goal of at least $100. Remember, individuals are eligible for the fundraising prize only if they raise over $500.
• If you are paddling in memory of a loved one, be sure to share that personal connection with those whose support you are seeking.
• The number one rule in fundraising is to ask! Ask everyone in your address book to support your racing effort. It’s really easy when you send a link to the festival fundraising page-the money is automatically collected and tallied for you.
• Use your Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter pages. Be sure to promote your fundraising efforts on those sites and to post your Feed The Dragon fundraising page to make it easy for your network of friends, family and business associates to support you.

The entire team can participate in fundraising through events. These events build team spirit and are fun get-togethers:


Ice cream social, movie night, game night, dance night, etc. You can ask for a flat donation at the door, and auction off donated items as well.

Garage/Tag/Yard Sale

Clean out your attic, get your friends to donate items, make signs, and post in the newspaper or on Craig’s list.

Work-place Ideas

With your employer’s permission, sponsor a dress down day or bake sale. Solicit donated items to raffle.

Fundraise at a Farmer’s Market

Buy a table at your local Farmer’s Market and have team members bake or donate goodies for sale.

Get your favorite restaurant involved

Ask the proprietor to promote a designated day or week when donation jars will be set out, and perhaps a portion of the restaurant’s proceeds to be donated to the RFB through the festival.

Get your other membership groups to help

at meetings or events, request donations or pass the hat for donations. Ask your gym to participate by placing signs and a donation jar for a few weeks.

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

You will need to pitch this to a decision maker in your organization. If possible, your organization may wish to sponsor a team as well!

Dress Down day

Offer designated dress down days in return for a designated donation; options can be dress down, favorite sports team apparel, etc. Keep everyone informed of the progress of the fundraising and of the results.

Raffle or Auction

Offer a chance to wear jeans for the rest of the year, special parking space for a month, catered lunches, etc.

Bake-off, Pie-off, Chili-Off

Offer a chance to sample the goodies at a price per portion, then vote for the best entry.

Develop an Eight Week Plan

Have the team agree on a plan to raise funds, to maximize the potential for success, and to spread the work around. Have team members volunteer to work on one of the eight events, so nobody gets burnt out.

Sample Plan

Week 1

E-mail or letter blast to friends, family, colleagues explaining why you are paddling and requesting their support

Week 2

Use your online Festival fundraising page- send a link to everyone in your address book requesting sponsorship of your paddling.

Week 3

Ask your favorite restaurant to participate.

Week 4

Ask your supper club or book club to designate your night to host as a date to dedicate to Festival fund-raising.

Week 5

Host a garage sale

Week 6

Hold a bake sale

Week 7

Follow up with your e-mail list

Week 8

Check your employer for matching donation programs

With a little creativity and teamwork, you can reach your fundraising goals!

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